Roadmap 2024

Here at Quo Vadimus Media Ltd, we are a small company, albeit with lofty ambitions. We don’t have the size and scale (currently) to compete directly with our larger cousins in accountancy textbook publishing, but our intent is to grow in the next few years to a size where we can more readily compete.

We wanted to share with you our roadmap for 2024, which outlines our intentions. Again, as we are a small company, we may miss some of those targets, but it is good to be ambitious.

Expanded Distribution

At the moment, 100% of our book sales our digital or print sales from Amazon. We are doing well on sales through that route, but this year we want to expand, by doing the following:

  1. Selling books through our website – we have received some feedback from potential customers that they would rather not give money to Amazon by buying through them. Starting later in January 2024, we will begin selling print versions of some books through our website for those who want to be an alternative route. Amazon will still be the print partner for these books, although all profit will be retained by Quo Vadimus Media Ltd. To begin with, we will only be selling print versions of the study guides. It is not profitable to sell print copies of the Skills & Knowledge Tests or Pocket Revision Guides currently on our website, but we will continue to look at routes forward on those books.
  2. Second editions – currently, due to book sizes, they are not available to buy in normal (i.e. non-Amazon) bookshops. We intend in the summer of 2024 (July/August) to release second editions of all books published so far, with page sizes that allow for customers to go in to any bookshop and order them. This will also make books available to libraries. Second-edition books will therefore have ISBNs provided by Quo Vadimus Media Ltd, rather than those currently assigned by Amazon.

AAT Level 1

In the first few months of the new year, the intent is to publish the second (and final) AAT level 1 book, Business Skills. Once the book is published, an online revision version will also be made available on our learning platform – https://learning.quovadimusmedia.co.uk

AAT Level 2

Our level 2 unit books – with the exception of The Business Environment Pocket Revision Guide to be published in January 2024 are now complete. Plans to extend level 2 coverage in the first half of the year include:#

  1. Online revision courses (separate purchase) at http://learning.quovadimusmedia.co.uk by Easter 2024
  2. Practice assessment book by Easter 2024. This book will include 2 practice assessments (and answers) for each of the four level 2 units in one book.

AAT Level 3

As with level 2, the intention is to release study guides, skills & knowledge tests, and pocket revision guides for the AAT level 3 units. We expect to publish two units this year – Financial Accounting & Management Accounting Techniques – as a minimum. These will be published under expanded distribution, and with study guides available in print from our website. More information will follow with regard to release dates when known/.

Basic Bookkeeping

This book needs some updates, mostly to correct spelling errors. The intention is to remove it from release whilst correcting errors and re-release it as a second edition in the summer of 2024, once the base materials from the two AAT level 2 units – Introduction to Bookkeeping and Principles of Bookkeeping Controls – have been updated.

Quo Vadimus Media Limited is a company registered in England & Wales with company number 12960995