Getting it right

We are proud of what we are beginning to achieve here at Quo Vadimus Media Ltd, and our customer reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.

Book sales have been beyond our expectations, especially considering that we are a small company, and we have some exciting offerings to bring on board over the next year alongside expanding our range of accounting books.

However, we don’t always get everything right. One area in which we know we can prove is in our proofreading.

All publishing houses have errors in their books, however rigorous their proofreading processes. We see errors in the books of the more established AAT publishers that we are up against and we want to do better than that, even though we are doing so with fewer resources as we grow the business.

We at Quo Vadimus Media Ltd enjoy reading, and we’ve even seen errors this year in books by Penguin, Random House, OUP, and Routledge. After all, we are all human and errors will creep in.

When we find errors, our selling process through Amazon means that we can have updated versions on sale within 24 hours. Kindle versions get updated automatically, but print versions will only be corrected for future sales. We are grateful to customers who have followed the process outlined in our books and let us know about errors. However, our customers shouldn’t be our proofreaders.

We want to get it right the first time.

Our proofreading processes haven’t been as robust as they should be, so we are making some changes and adding some steps to our proofreading that will limit the number of errors. Our most recent publications are already showing the benefits of this, and we will be rolling theses out in our older publications in the next week or so, and in all of our future publications.

Graeme Lamb

Director, Quo Vadimus Media Ltd

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